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Design by a.o. RugStar

Since 2014 we have focused more on carpets designed by designers. Jurgen Dahlmans of Rugstar Berlin, a special designer with both a classic and a contemporary collection. His latest collection is based on Nietze. He also has rugs designed to remind us of Andy Warhol art.

The RugStar collection is made in Rahjastan, India and Nepal. The Rugstar employees are closely involved in the process of making the carpets but also with the people themselves. Jurgen and his colleagues travel several times a year to India and Nepal.

Erbil Tezcan, of the brand Wool & Silk, is a Turkish designer who is based in New Jersey. His collection ranges from contemporary art to the classic patterns which are so recognizable within the Persian rug domain. Some of his tapestries are more suitable and more beautiful on the wall like a painting instead of lying on the ground like a classic carpet. His collection is to a large extent made in Kathmandu.

Our store has a small selection of both collections.

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