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In Persia, Gabbeh is the collective word for Knotted carpets. Within the Gabbeh there are different types of which all have their own identity by being knotted by various nomadic tribes from different corners of the world.

Amaleh is the name of a nomadic tribe from Persia, the Ghashgai. They do not make the finest quality gabbehs but are known for their use of colors and patterns. An Amaleh is slightly thicker spun wool and therefore there are less knots per square centimeter. This makes the gabbeh somewhat coarser but it certainly still feels warm and soft.

Kashkuli is the most delicate gabbeh that is made there. These are manufactured by the Quasqai nomads in the province of Farz in Iran.

Our Gabbehs are vegetable dyed and hand-crafted. Did you know that creating a Gabbeh takes an average of 9 months?

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